ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING POLICY EXIST AT THE HOSPITAL COMPOUND Ambulant patients are asked to assist in keeping their immediate surroundings clean. All garbage must be placed in the appropriate bins provided. Only mothers who are solely breast feeding will be allowed to stay on the Pediatric Ward. Fees are reinvested for your benefit, therefore all fees for services rendered must be paid to the hospital’ s finance department. Our facility is equipped with State of the Art equipment and the use of cell phones on the wards may interfere with their proper functioning. Therefore cell phones must not be used while on the wards. Please be guided accordingly. Dress Code for All Government Operated Health Centers & Hospitals The following should not be worn when visiting health centers & hospitals. Dirty clothing Short Shorts Tank tops & Tube tops Deep sleeveless clothing Bathing suits of any type Backless clothing & Belly outs See through or provocative clothing Clothing which exposes the breasts Any form of altered clothing with removed sleeves or Split collars HOSPITAL VISITING POLICYPEDIATRIC WARDS Parents and Guardians only 8:00am - 6:00pm 5:30pm dailyADULT WARDS 11:00am - 12:noon & 3:00pm - 5:30pm daily. Restrictions may apply, please check with the NURSE In-charge before proceeding to visit. Visitors should ask the Nurse what the patient is permitted to have when visiting. Visitors are not allowed to sit on the patients bed. Payment of FeesALL fees for Surgery or other procedures performed are payable ONLY at the Hospital’s finance department and an official government receipt MUST be obtained. Very Important ReminderYou should access the Accident & Emergency Department of the hospital only when you have a LIFE threatening accident/incident or emergency. General Hosp….440-2113Princess Alice Hosp.St. And.442-5400Princess Royal Hosp. C’cou….443-7400 Email us at grenadageneralhospital@gmail.com
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